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Each semester, our students produce dozens of amazing films, full of thrills, chills, wonder, amazement and romance.

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Inspired by the staff picks at old video stores, the 7-Day Movies are a curated selection of films. Click below to access the movies!!!

  • 4 films each week!
  • Themed content throughout the semester.
  • These are only available for a seven days.
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These films are only available to LA+D Film majors and minors.
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News & Events


Film as Monument transforms the architecture of the Lunder Arts Center into an illuminated lantern, activating the transparent portals of the university building with artworks produced in community. Traditional monuments, including the physical structures of art museums and universities, are meant to stimulate and structure collective remembrance of events, individuals, or ideas in particular ways. …


A new independent film festival at Lesley University is up and running this spring! LUFF is a student-led film festival supported by Professor Kathleen Mullen. We will be accepting independent short films including experimental, music videos, narratives, documentaries, animation, and other subject matters from anywhere in the world. The Festival will be held April 24-26, …