Film at LA+D

You’re an artist, eager to create films that tell stories, challenge conventional thinking, inspire action, or elicit emotion. You want to make movies, and you’ve come to the right place. In our Digital Filmmaking program, you will develop both the technical skills that will make you competitive in your field, and the ability to turn your vision into a story that can be produced and distributed. You will engage with your peers as colleagues and collaborators, and create an understanding of the creative practice that incorporates the many roles required to successfully complete a project. You will be able to incorporate the full range of artistic opportunities available here, and to find inspiration in the diversity of creative practice that can be found at the College of Art and Design.

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Filmmaking Topics of Study

  • Camera techniques and visual storytelling
  • Sound and lighting tools
  • Concepts and history of cinema
  • Experimental video
  • Short- and medium-length narrative
  • Pre-production planning, production, and post-production processes

Develop Your Visual Voice

Digital Filmmaking is a unique medium that combines camera technique, style, storytelling and time. By partnering with our Photography andAnimation & Motion Media programs, the new Digital Filmmaking Major offers you many perspectives to expand your ideas. You will be introduced to a wide variety of perspectives that shape your finished artwork. You will explore and experiment, and find your individual voice while also working within a collaborative framework. You will build your skills and ideas through the process of making. In this manner, you can expand your skills while simultaneously exploring what you want to say with the tools you will use to say it.

Preparing Students for Professional Success

You are the next generation of film and video storytellers. You will be empowered to seek out and tell stories that are compelling and important, using the latest digital media to find the broadest audience. As a graduate of the BFA in Digital Filmmaking program, you will enter the field prepared with skills, ideas, an understanding of this profession as well as a strong body of work that showcases your talents.