Back to School Special — The Making of “Animal House”

During the next two weeks, young people all over the country are packing up their stuff and heading to college. For many of them, it will be for the first time. For others, it’s back-t0-school time, re-connecting with friends and faculty and starting another year of study.

In cinema, the college campus has a long and varied history. For the most part, college students are shown as rowdy, drunken idiots and the administration is shown as clueless old people. Whether or not this is true, this whole paradigm was firmly established by the most influential of college films — “Animal House.”

Released in 1978, this film was directed by John Landis and c0-written by Harold Ramis, who also wrote and starred in “Ghostbusters.” “Animal House” features an amazing cast, including the star John Belushi, as well as Kevin Bacon, Karen Allen (the true love of “Indiana Jones”) and many others.

If you’ve never seen “Animal House,” go watch it now and then check out this making of documentary.