Celebrating our first semester

It’s hard to believe that the first semester of the Digital Filmmaking program is already over!

This fall, LUCAD welcomed our first class of students and they hit the ground running. It’s only been a few months, but in the Concepts of Cinema I class and the Film Techniques I class, we’ve already created a wide range of short scenes, technical exercises and even a final short film. It seems appropriate, as everyone heads home for the holiday break, to look back on a few projects and share them with the world.

Let’s start with a blocking exercise – 3 teams each made a short film getting someone up or down a flight of stairs. Teams were given a theme – comedy, drama, action – and turned loose to film a short scene. Here are 2 of the final edits:

We also did a series of technical demos including a short conversation. Below is a short that tugs at your heart, followed by a bit of action:

Thinking about how to start a film, we did an exercise in creating an “establishing sequence” for a film, then the rest of the class tried to guess what would happen next. Here are 2 of those sequences:

In the Concepts of Cinema I class, students made a series of scenes that explored different genres. Check out this interrogation scene:

At the end of the semester, it was time to shoot a whole short film. The class pitched ideas for scripts, voted on ideas, and ultimately chose a script by Anni Abbruzzese:

If this is the work from our first semester, it’s really exciting to think about what’s coming next!!!