Let’s Talk About Color

Color grading your footage is one of the important steps of finalizing your project. One great tool that can help you get it right are Look Up Tables (or LUTs). However, using LUTs is not always easy to understand. How do you find them? Where do you install them? How do you make your own?

To answer that last question, let’s look at a great app for your phone or tablet from Adobe called “Capture.” This tool allows you to take a picture (or load one) and then map the colors of that picture to a LUT. This is saved to your Adobe online Library, and you can load it into your Premiere, Photoshop or After Effects projects. Which means that if you like the colors of a sunset, or a winter snowscape, or your grandmother’s living room… use those colors to effect your footage! Pretty cool.

Here’s a link to the Adobe Capture page, and check out the video about how it works

More importantly, check out this video that shows how to use LUTs explained by cats. Because the internet.