Lights, Camera, Distraction!

We’re very excited to present the new film from the Digital Filmmaking classes at LUCAD. This semester, students in the Concepts of Cinema II and Filmmaking Techniques II classes created a short film showcasing the new Lunder Arts Center and the various majors at LUCAD. Working in teams, they developed a character web, mapped the story arc and created each scene in a different film genre. Scenes were directed and filmed by the team that created them, with the rest of the class as crew.

The result is a fun, fast-paced story that follows a group of digital filmmaking students trying to finish their homework. Enjoy!

Cast & Crew:

Andrew Henry as Jamie
Chris Robicheaw as Pat
Anni Abbruzzese as V
Prof. Brandon Strathmann as Design Professor Morpheus
Zach Pullano as the Photographer

Max Anthony-Peacock
Scott Bausemer
Jack Higdon
Alex Mayper
Kevin McCarroll
Sean Peloso
Dan Schwab
Chris Tullo
Zac Turner
Liza Wildey
Dasha Zaporozhets

Thanks to Prof. Strathmann for shaving his head for this project!