Summer Thrillers: Sharks Sharks Sharks!

When the days turn long and the air is warm, people flock to the beach. And that means that filmmakers turn their thoughts to… SHARKS!

There are many great shark films out there, and this year it’s The Shallows by Jaume Collet-Serra and starring Blake Lively. A fun summer thriller, this film features a minimal cast in a very limited location. Drawing inspiration from shark films of the past, the story focusses on Lively and her struggle to survive the personal vengeance of a Great White.

Recently, some behind-the-scenes shots and b-roll footage from The Shallows turned up online. For aspiring filmmakers, this is a great opportunity to see how a minimalist and technically complicated film is made. If you’ve seen it already, check this out:

Of course, the greatest shark film came out in 1979, when Steven Spielberg shocked the world with Jaws. This film was the original summer blockbuster and paved the way for many other spectacular summer action films.

Check out this “making of” documentary of Jaws: