Texting & Email are boring on screen. What to do?

A while ago we wrote about “The Shallows” which is a fun summer shark film. One feature of that movie is an attempt at a new way of showing how Blake Lively’s character interacts with photos, texts and calls on her phone. In the past two decades, as email and text messaging have become a larger part of our lives, filmmakers have struggled with how to represent these interactions on screen. Do you display the text and ask your audience to read? Do you include a voiceover? Is the screen inset, overlaid, or do you cut to a full view? There are so many options, and each of them asks your audience to deal with information that usually doesn’t look that great on screen and can slow the pace of your film.

The folks at Every Frame A Painting have put together an interesting video that looks at some of the ways filmmakers have solved this problem. Check it out!