The Video Vault Archives

Was there a great film you want to see again? Did you miss something great that you want to check out? Here’s the archives from this year’s VIDEO VAULT.

September 2021
Welcome back! September is the end of summer, time for back-to-school excitement & getting inspired to make new films!!!! This month we offer movies that celebrate these themes.
October 2021
This month we offer a collection of experimental & innovative horror films alongside classics & cult favorites. Turn off the lights, pull the covers over your head & get ready to SCREAM!
November 2021
Autumn is here, the leaves are turning & love is in the air. This month we feature dramas & rom-coms about love & romance, in many complicated forms.
Put on your sweater, sip some cider & enjoy this month’s movie collection!
December 2021
Filmmaking is incredibly collaborative! Every day we work with performers, writers, musicians & artists!
This month, we feature movies that celebrate all these incredibly talented people.
January 2022
As filmmakers, we all know there’s movies we should watch… yet somehow it’s hard to find the time. That’s what winter break is for!
BONUS! All 15 episodes of The Story Of Film: An Odyssey!!!

February 2022
Coming soon!

These movies are presented in their unedited form as inspiration for Film students and faculty. Some content may be for mature audiences, and viewers should use their own discretion when selecting a film. All ideas presented in these films are the views of their respective creators, and the sharing of these films does not represent an endorsement of the content, filmmaker biography or history of these films by Lesley University faculty or staff.