Premiere ’23 Program

Below is a program of films that will premiere on May 4th.

The Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle Street, Cambridge
Reception to follow

Join us at the Lunder Arts Center at 6pm for a reception to celebrate our filmmakers & our friends in the Photography department!!!


All screening times are approximate.

The theatre is VERY DARK & it’s difficult to enter & leave.
We recommend entering & leaving during INTERMISSION.

The Mountain
by Ian Charles
Screening: 12:20pm

Before mankind, an extraterrestrial entity distorts its surroundings and becomes one with the landscape. There are elements of existence that lie beyond the limits of human understanding. 

by Adaylia Shiman
Screening: 12:27pm

When Theo finds a rare video game at an estate sale, he discovers that it holds a dark secret.

With Your Whole Chest
by Audrey Calhoun
Screening: 12:36pm

Two girls confronting feelings before the sun sets on their time together.

The Shortcut
by Jesse Ellis
A Junior Thesis Preview
Screening: 12:47pm

An eerie tale of doppelgangers and wishful thinking that goes awry. 

To War And Back
by Jason Perry
Screening: 12:55pm

An abridged visual diary of my experience in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2021.
Starring soldiers from HHB, 101st Field Artillery Regiment.

Piano Forté
by Reese Stephen
Screening: 1:05pm

Delirium crescendos.

by Kevin Sheppard
Screening: 1:09pm

Two street rats of Boston pair up and run away from the mob. Ultimately starting a new life and a new fate, better than the one that was given to them. 

In Transit
by James Hurley
Screening: 1:17pm

Dr. Drew Francis must work with other versions of himself in order to escape the perils of the multiverse.

by Molly Martine
Screening: 1:24pm

A woman attempts to piece together fragmented memories from a traumatic night.

Time: 1:36pm

Take a break and get some snacks! Stretch your legs! Get excited for the next round of movies!!!!

This is a good time to plan your entry & departure.

Untitled X
by Anonymous
Screening: 1:52pm

This documentary follows the curation of an interactive performance art exhibition, will it all end in a disaster? 

by Katelyn Johnston
Screening: 2:05pm

She thought she was taping her progress. She didn’t know she was filming her own haunting.

by Lilly Parker
Screening: 2:14pm

When a young woman gets caught in a loop of mundane tasks, she is flooded by the hellscape of her mind, pushing her to the brink of insanity.

Good Cops
by Will Sheehy
Screening: 2:20pm

Two cops are in a nice deal with a drug dealer to make a profit at the expense of others. One of the cop however now wants to set things right.

In The Attic
by Isaiah Marcellino
Screening: 2:28pm

We The People
by Sebastian Parra
Screening: 2:41pm

Many try to make the journey, but sometimes, looking for a better tomorrow comes with a price. 

by Shannon Doyle
A Junior Thesis Preview
Screening: 2:50pm

Onset is the story of a young adult woman’s process in navigating her mother’s cognitive decline after a diagnosis of Dementia, following the day-to-day struggles of her mother’s illness and the nuances of their relationship. 

Servant Of Evil
by Christian Fox
Screening: 3:02pm

A young detective looks for his former partner turned murderer, to protect the integrity of the Police Department in the city of West End.

by Jenavy Santana
Screening: 3:13pm

Speed dating with the worst!